Underground Waterfall near Udawalawa

the tallest underground waterfall in Sri Lanka

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Waulpane Limestone Cave

Waulpane limestone cave is located in the Bulutota Rakwana range, which is near to Udawalawa and an essential archaeological site in Sri Lanka. This cave is over 400m long and could be able to observe hundreds of thousands of bats, species of lizards, frogs, rats and various insects and fish that have adjusted to darkness.

Waterfall – waulpane limestone cave

One’s you enter to the cave and get that opportunity to review this unique nature and approximately 300m underground you will reveal the prehistoric world of ancient fossils in the cavern walls and a stream that runs through the cave. Furthermore, a gorgeous waterfall located in the centre hence is perfect for lookouts. At the heart of the cave, cascades a spectacular creation of nature; the one and an only internal waterfall of Sri Lanka. It is 60 ft tall and is considered the tallest internal waterfall in Sri Lanka and also the 2nd tallest in the world. The unusual fact about this waterfall is that the volume of water that cascades down the rocks remain uniform throughout the year. The climate, amount of water in the stream or other environmental factors do not affect the volume of the waterfall.

Reaching to Waulpane limestone cave – travel on Pelmadulla–Embilipitiya main road and then turn to Buluthota road at Thunthota junction. There on travelling about 10 km you can reach to the narrow road to the cave.



Wear a hat, long sleeves and shoes of course water bottles

  1. Imal De Silva says:

    A good description with photos of Waulpane cave,. The authorities should develop the access roads to this site.
    Thank you

  2. Deepika says:

    In Australia caved are well protected and entrance is only with guides. Something like that will be more appropriate to safe guard the tourist and the cave.
    Pictures and description are very attractive.

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