Best Restaurants in Colombo

What makes a great restaurant? we’re interested in how well a place lives up to its own ambitions, regardless of its age, price point or cuisine. Maybe it’s good value for money and a reliable source of fun. Maybe it pioneered a trend and remains the most vital example of it. Or maybe, after several decades in operation, it still feels as fresh and relevant as ever.

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1.The Ministry Of Crab 

The Ministry of crab

The Ministry of crab

The inception of the Ministry of Crab is attributed to an episode of Chef Dharshan Munidasa’s TV show “Culinary Journeys with Dharshan”, which featured the Sri Lankan Lagoon Crab, showcasing how it was sourced in Sri Lanka and exported to Singapore to be made into the famous Singapore Chilli Crab. During the course of this shoot, the initial idea of creating a crab restaurant was born, as a culinary homecoming for this majestic crustacean, which had long been more renowned overseas than in Sri Lanka  When brainstorming names for a Crab restaurant in its country of origin, Dharshan felt it was necessary to have a powerful institution-like name; and so, the title, “Ministry of Crab” was established.

The next step was to find a location fit to house the restaurant and the search began for a “Ministerial” space. It was serendipity that the historic Dutch Hospital building became available as a result of a new refurbishment project of colonial buildings by the Urban Development Authority, as part of the post-war development.

Cricketing legends Mahela Jayawardena and Kumar Sangakkara who were close friends with Dharshan, stepped into partnership with him when he put forth the idea for a restaurant dedicated to seafood, giving flight to their own gastronomic ideals. Their dedication towards bringing the restaurant to life by using it as a platform to pay homage to local produce earned all of them the monikers, “Ministers of Crab”.

→ The Ministry of Crab

Old Dutch Hospital Complex, 04 Hospital St

2. Park Street Mews

Park street mews Colombo

Park Street Mews Restaurant is a stylish restaurant reflecting a cool yet unpretentious ambience located within a complex that comprises a selection of restaurants and can conveniently be found on Park Street, around the corner from the Beira Lake 67989oioikn8889temple.

The service is warm and friendly, the menu is delightful fusion cuisine, and the ambience invites you to stay. The menu includes a range of delicious Homemade Ice cream, our Bar menu offers a range of premium liquor, fine wines, local and imported beer and fresh juices.

→ Park Street Mews 

50/1 Park Street, Colombo 2

3. Food Studio

Food Studio

Food Studio as Colombo’s skyline evolves, taking on a more global feel, its population is increasingly opting for the perks of vertical living. This new trend in urbanisation perfectly positions Food Studio as an easily accessible option, complete with an abundance of choices.

Introduced to Sri Lanka through the high-end shopping malls of Colombo’s most prestigious mixed-use development projects, Food Studio is a one-of-a-kind dining experience. More than simply a food court, the Food Studio experience begins from the moment customers enter the sweeping market-style layout, with specially designed seating areas and thematic installations that add a certain aura to the display of flavours. patrons are treated to a mouth-watering array of cuisines, many of which are plated up by Sri Lankan homegrown brands.

→ Food Studio 

3rd Floor, Colombo City Centre,137 Sir James Peiris Mw, Colombo-02.

4. The Lagoon

The Lagoon


If you’ve been fishing for unfiltered happiness, our seafood restaurant, The Lagoon, is where you’ll definitely find it, which takes after the lively atmosphere at seafood markets. We layout the freshest catch of the day, so you can pick your favourite, and ask our chefs to prepare it in a sauce or curry of your choice.

Opt for the way you like it best – sizzling, grilled, steamed, curried, or fried and the aroma that it gives off will leave your mouth watering. Browse through our list of the choicest spirits, pick the one that goes best with your dish and in no time, you’ll find yourself swimming in seventh heaven.

While serving the best Indian, Continental, Chinese and Thai seafood preparations, treat you to an ocean of pure joy.

→ The Lagoon 

77 A2 Cinnamon Grand, Colombo 3

4. Nihonbashi

Nihonbashi Colombo is one of Sri Lanka’s exclusive Japanese (Washoku) restaurants founded by the renowned chef and restaurateur Dharshan Munidasa. Nihonbashi means Japan Bridge. Their culinary excellence is amply reflected in the gastronomic fare that uses the finest Sri Lankan ingredients and traditional Japanese culinary techniques that rationalize the name. Having been a regular in Colombo’s gastronomic landscape for over two decades, Nihonbashi has the distinction of being the first Sri Lankan restaurant to be ranked among Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and maintaining its presence on this prestigious list for many consecutive years.

→ Nihonbashi

11 Galleface Terrace Colombo 03

5. The Gallery Café

The Gallery Café

Established in 1998 Paradise Road The Gallery Café is housed in the former offices of world-renowned Sri Lankan architect, the late Geoffrey Bawa.

Geoffrey Bawa personally approved the take over of his beloved property and its conversion into a gallery and restaurant by Paradise Road Chairman and designer, Udayshanth Fernando. With a respect for Fernando’s design sense, Bawa was confident the building would be carefully converted, maintaining its original state with only the pavilion as an addition.

The restaurant is today internationally acclaimed and has become a must-visit for anyone visiting the city of Colombo. The menu features both local and international cuisine and the dessert menu includes over 30 irresistible choices with a focus on chocolate. Paradise Road Galleries features monthly rotating exhibitions by established and emerging local artists.

→The Gallery Café

2  Alfred house road,  Colombo 03

6. The London Grill

The London Grill

Does your taste for the finer things in life include dinner with a cloche service and a vintage from the master cellar’s list? If that reminds you of a meal you enjoyed just a few weeks ago in another city, let us introduce you to Colombo’s oldest fine-dining restaurant, The London Grill.

Brick-walled interiors with decorated crests and vintage lamps surround you while you lose yourself to smooth indulgence. Savour from the choicest French and continental fare. Our pièce de résistance, Angus filet mignon with king prawns or foie gras is known to surpass the expectations of our most discerning guests. While we prepare it for you, ask for our traditional service experience and our sommelier will assist you with a list of fine wines and single malts.

Reserve a table at The London Grill and travel back to an era where elegance and sophistication was the norm. Your time here will leave an aftertaste so beautiful, you’d not want to dine at another place that even promises to be this fine.

→The London Grill

77 A2 Cinnamon Grand, Colombo 3

7. Upali’s by Nawaloka

Upalis by Nawaloka

Upali’s with its array of dishes with the best of Sri Lankan flavours offers you a truly local and unique culinary experience. Our well-seasoned signature dishes which are par excellence, other local dishes and desserts will keep you singularly satisfied. We create that sense of fulfilment in you with every meal you indulge in at Upali’s and our menus are incomparably rich vis-à-vis taste and quality. Located in the heart of Colombo, Upali’s affords breathtaking views of tranquil Viharamaha Devi Park, the majestic Nelum Pokuna Theatre and the iconic Town Hall. In addition to the restaurant, we serve locally brewed coffee, snacks and pastries at the coffee shop. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Colombo life, Upali’s offers you the perfect escape from the daily routine and satisfy your taste buds.

The elegantly furnished interior decorated with alluring paintings adds a touch of artistic sophistication to the place. As you sit down for a hearty meal you can revel in the elegance and charm we have created for you. The garden ambience, a hallmark at Upali’s, complements the view of Viharamaha Devi Park.

We have especially designed space to host events ranging from birthday parties to important company meetings. Free WIFI access and other amenities are at your disposal to ensure you encounter no hassle whatsoever. The temptingly delicious meals at Upali’s will redefine your food indulgence.

→Upali’s by Nawaloka 

No.65, C W W Kannangara Mawatha, Colombo 07

8. Palmyrah Restaurant

Palmyrah Restaurant

For over 45 years the Palmyrah has been a favourite destination for patrons seeking authentic Sri Lankan flavours. The restaurant combines refined gastronomy and world-class culinary service to deliver a sophisticated dining experience. Our signature dishes comprise traditional Jaffna fare, including perennial favourites such as mutton paal poriyal, fried fish pittu, Jaffna whole crab curry, odiyal kool (seafood soup) and milk hoppers.

→Palmyrah Restaurant 

328 Galle Road Colombo 3

9. Yue Chuan

Yue Chuan

One of the premier Chinese restaurants in Colombo, Yue Chuan serves Cantonese & Szechuan specialities, so authentic you’ll feel as though you’re dining at one of the most popular restaurants in China. Embellished with exotic, chic designs, Yue Chuan features our trademark glass-fronted kitchen that adds to its allure & allows guests to witness the creation of culinary masterpieces. We have two lavish menus; one serves Cantonese & Szechuan cuisine & the other, Sri Lankan / Chinese fusion.

→ Yue Chuan

The Kingsbury Hotel 48, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01,

10. FLOW


Experience cuisine from around the globe at this All-Day Dining. Watch your meals being prepared by our chefs in the five open kitchens in this sleek Colombo restaurant, a first in Sri Lanka. With 168 seats, FLOW offers a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The three private dining rooms are perfect for hosting intimate parties, corporate dinner meetings, or even working lunches. Host memorable dining experiences with curated menus at Sri Lanka’s only Chef’s table at FLOW.

→ Flow

Hilton Colombo Residences, Union Place, Colombo 02

11. The Avenue

The Avenue

At The Avenue, deliver the intense satisfaction of top-notch fusion cuisines if you love a hearty meal and a good time with family and friends. the Avenue give you the finest dishes prepared by the hands of our professional chefs where you will have a fabulous dining experience in our modern and welcoming restaurant.

The Avenue introduces a grand variety of enticing dishes combining the key elements of the American, Asian, Italian and French cuisines, prepared using the best and healthy ingredients anyone could find. Our dishes will have our customers succumbed to bursts of intense and subtle flavours combined from the popular cuisines.

Chef Charitha Pathiranage and his colleague and co-partner Chef Oshan Jayasundara worked with many of the finest restaurants in the USA where they perfected their culinary skills working with renowned chefs of the world including a Michelin starred chef. They decided to bring their creative fusion dishes and skills to Sri Lanka and establish The Avenue, where they can make their dreams of preparing world-class dishes using local supplies into reality.

→ The Avenue

24, Alfred House Avenue, Colombo 03

12. Rare Bar + Kitchen

Rare Bar + Kitchen

Rare Bar + Kitchen

The name reflects the powerful connection between the unequalled collection of ingredients in our country that is at the heart of our restaurant and the exceptional skill of culinary teams to capture the true essence of nature’s textures and tastes.

Rare Bar + Kitchen builds on the award-winning approach developed by all UGA Escapes properties since 2012. For our Chefs and their teams, instinct, insight and invention are what matters. While many of the ingredients for Rare Bar + Kitchen come directly from our own organic farms on the East Coast and in the Cultural Triangle, others are sourced from carefully chosen suppliers across Sri Lanka. What they all have in common is a commitment to supplying ingredients in their prime, giving us the freedom to create food that’s inventive, exciting and spontaneous – and exclusive.

These exceptional ingredients are combined with sensitivity, wit and ingenuity, often revealing unexpected new dimensions. We take a unique approach to fine food and drink at Rare Bar + Kitchen, one in which continental cuisine is happily blended with local ingredients to offer a contemporary and imaginative preparation and presentation. A rare, the flavour is king, and change is a cherished constant. Our menu is regularly reimagined, and as each new ingredient arrives, the culinary team accepts the challenge and explores the opportunities with trademark creativity and technical skill.

→Rare Bar + Kitchen

No 20, Park Street. Colombo 2

13 . Shang Palace

Shang Palace

Shang Palace

Shangri-La’s signature Chinese restaurant Shang Palace celebrates cuisine steeped in rich tradition. The décor is inspired by Beijing’s traditional siheyuan houses and blends beautifully with modern luxury.

At Shang Palace, enjoy the varied flavours of Dongbei, Sichuan and Canton. Succulent meats, fresh seafood, delicate dim sum, a range of Chinese teas and cocktails all feature in our extensive menu, allowing you to indulge in a true feast.

weekday lunch set menu features intricate delicacies including flavourful soups, the finest dim sum, meats, seafood, rice and noodles. Available from Tuesday to Friday‬.

→Shang Palace

The t-Lounge is an upscale, elegant place designed around the enjoyment and appreciation of fine tea; complemented by light snacks and tea inspired food and beverages. The t-Lounge by Dilmah is unique in that our emphasis on tea is founded on our passionate commitment to tea as tea growers and a family business; established and headed by the world’s most experienced tea maker; the first tea grower to offer his tea direct to tea drinkers around the world.

The t-Lounge offers casual visitors an inspiring ambience with uniquely healthy and innovative tea and tea-based drinks. Tea cocktails and mocktails enhance the appeal of fine tea made in the traditional artisanal manner. These are served with cakes, pastries, crêpes and waffles that maintain the Dilmah commitment to nutritious, healthy and sustainable food. For the tea aficionado, Seasonal and Single Estate teas are exclusively available at t-Lounge by Dilmah, while tea education in co-operation with the Dilmah School of Tea, tea tasting events and a Leaf & Artisan Tea Society is dedicated to tea appreciation and tea inspired events for members.

It has four key propositions for the guest. First, fine tea served hot, chilled, sparkling or in cocktails (where licence permits), mocktails or shooters. These teas are offered with casual, comfort food on the lines of salads, crêpes, waffles, toasted sandwiches, cakes and pastries, some of which have tea as an ingredient, many of which are paired with specific teas. Secondly, these are presented for enjoyment on premises, whilst selected items including signature crêpes, waffles and teas are offered for takeaway. The third element is speciality tea retail with Dilmah t-Series designer gourmet tea in particular, and Dilmah Gift of Tea additionally being offered for purchase at the venue. Ongoing tea sampling with at least two choices of tea can be sampled by guests for consideration of the purchase, in support of the retail dimension.

→The t-Lounge by Dilmah

Dutch Square Block B,62/2, Chatham Street, Colombo 01

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